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Can I Wear Skinny Jeans If My Thighs Are Huge?

“I’ve always liked jeans for as long as I can remember,” A reader wrote. I’m sure I have all of them save one: slim jeans. I’ve never dared to wear thin jeans because I’m afraid they wouldn’t look well on me. I’m a size 12 in between sizes with broad thighs. And I’d want to clear something up right now: Can I wear slim jeans with huge thighs? If that’s the case, how should I style them?”

Is it possible to wear thin jeans with large thighs? Absolutely! You may wear skinny jeans regardless of your thigh size or body shape and expect to look terrific. Some ladies don’t wear slim jeans because they are too tight and unpleasant to sit in.

Which body types have the most pronounced thighs?

Pear and hourglass figures have inherently large and shapely thighs, regardless of size. The apple, rectangle, and inverted triangle, on the other hand, only grow large thighs when they gain a lot of weight.

What looks fine on someone else might not look well on you. As a result, I’ve divided the following advice into categories based on your body type. Refer to this guide if you don’t know your body type yet. Otherwise, continue reading:

How to wear thin jeans with huge thighs on a PEAR body

When a pear-shaped lady wears skinny jeans, her broad hips and buttocks are immediately highlighted. If you’re a slight pear, this isn’t normally a problem, and it can be a benefit. The equilibrium is thrown off if you’re a plus-size pear since your bottom body is disproportionately larger than your upper body.

The good news is that you can fix this by wearing brighter shirts than your bottom. In this manner, the attention is focused on your upper body rather than directed to your thighs. As a result, a balance is reached. There are numerous options for doing so:

Dark-hued jeans should be paired with brightly coloured and patterned shirts. Dark hues are slimming, and bright colours are not. But keep in mind that this isn’t a hard and fast rule. You can bend/break this guideline as long as your top outshines your bottom.

Wear ruffled and flouncy clothes with a lot of volumes. They direct the viewer’s attention upwards.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans with Big Thighs if You’re a Pear

Make your skinny jeans as plain as possible. Pockets of average size are OK, but sequins, huge buttons, jewels, and any strong needlework around your thighs and hips should be avoided. Your thighs don’t require any more development. Instead, save the decorations for your top.

Slimming lines are diagonal lines, and they’ll visibly slim your thighs if you wear them across your thighs.

This is why handkerchief tunics with diagonal hemlines are always a good choice.

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